General Information On Our Cowhide Products

Argentina Cowhides
It's generally accepted knowledge that the best cow hide rugs in the world are "chromium tanned", and that the best "chromium tanned" cow hides come from Argentina, South America.
We get all our or hides from our country. We are one of the finest tanneries here. Rest assured that every cowhide product we carry is of the highest quality.

Cow Hides Are Not All Tanned the Same
A properly tanned cowhide rug should last for the rest of our lives, never cracking or shedding in all this time. Unfortunately, many people do not know the difference between the various tanning processes that cowhides go through, and simply assume that all cow hide rugs are the same… they mistakenly think that a cowhide rug is a cow hide rug. Nothing could be further from the truth!
As a result, people too often end up purchasing a low priced cow hide rug that cracks or sheds in just a few short years. Our cow hide rugs will never do that!
Our Cowhide Rugs Are All Handpicked
We go down to the tannery every week and hand pick each one of our cowhide rugs. We choose each cow hide based on quality, size and color. This might not sound important but we know of no other cow hide rug producer who handpicks each and every cowhide rug that they sell.
Our Cowhides Come In Many More Colors and Styles so it’s easy to make your own PATCHWORK
So you can design your own rug based in your needs, colour, size, etc.
No designer piece is too large or too small for us to make, as long as it is either a square or a rectangle.
Cowhide Pillows
Our cow hide pillows come from premium grade Argentinian cow hides. You can also design your own size or colour.
Product Care For our Cow Hide Products
Cow hides are very easily cared for. Other than periodic vacuuming, simple soap and water on a sponge is generally all that any of our cowhide rugs or other cow hide products will ever need. Steam cleaning your cowhide rug will also work if one makes certain not to put too much water on the hide. The key is not to let cowhides get soaking wet.
As with any area rug, spraying your cow hide rug with a "Scotch Guard" type product will help keep it clean. However, there are much better products on the market than "Scotch "Guard". Check with a local carpet cleaner for suggestions. Stain Master"s makes a very good product that can probably be found most everywhere.
Hanging Instructions For Our Cowhide Rugs
Many people use our cow hide rugs for wall hangings. Although one could make a mounting bracket that the hide would attach to, it is much easier simply to nail or staple your cowhide to the wall using small nails or large staples. Mounting cow hides to a brick or concrete wall is a bit more difficult. We recommend asking someone at Home Depot or any other hardware store for suggestions.
As a side note, please do not be concerned with damaging your hide. Properly tanned cowhides are practically indestructible. Once again, properly cared for, your cowhide rug should last a life time.

Other Features

Cowhide rugs are stylish, practical and durable, making them an ideal choice for homes with children or pets. Cowhide rugs are incredibly hard wearing, easy to clean, and look stunning on both wooden and stone flooring. The increase in popularity of cowhide over the recent years has seen a rise in many new styles and designs aside from the natural markings and colours available.

If you are considering a new rug for your home cowhide rugs make the perfect choice. They are easy to clean, versatile and are also hypo allergenic.

They are available in many different colours and markings from the traditional black and white cowhides to the more unusual exotic contemporary hides.

Cow skin rugs are great for high traffic foot areas and busy households due to their thickness and durability. Many cowhide rugs are imported from South America due to their rare breed cows which produce stunning rugs with exotic and unusual markings.

Cow skin rugs should be bought from a reputable supplier to ensure you receive a hide which has been chromium tanned which will enhance the life of your rug. The tanning process will help prevent hair loss and will give the cow hide a clean leather smell.

Cowhides look fantastic used as rugs on wooden and stone flooring, but also make unique wall hangings or cosy furniture throws draped over a sofa or a chair. Use them as unique accent pieces to add colour, interest and texture to your interior.

The latest technology allows the printing of designs onto cowhide rugs to make them look like zebra skin rugs which make a bold interior design statement.

If you are considering a new rug for your home, a cow skin rug makes the perfect choice because they are durable, look stunning and are easy to clean. To clean your cowhide rug you can simply take it outside and give it a good shake to remove debris, then give it a quick run over with your vacuum attachment to ensure all dirt and dust is removed.

It is recommended that you vacuum the rug in the direction of the hair to prevent damage to the rug, although cowhides are very robust and can withstand lots of use. Any stains can simply be removed with a damp sponge.

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